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Reynolds Knowledge Center

We all can agree that things are much more complicated and costly today than a few years ago. Taking proper care of your automobile is no different. Vehicles today are so much more sophisticated than they use to be. Reynolds knows that taking proper care and performing routine maintenance can help you ensure your vehicle will perform as you expect it to for years to come. To the right is a list of Tips, Routine Maintenance Schedules and Services that Reynolds highly recommends your vehicle receives in order to protect your investment and your confidence in its performance.

Consumer Tips

Reynolds knows that the best way to keep your vehicle healthy is to keep it clean and lubricated. That's why we highly recommend changing filters and oil on a regular basis. These basics are the most important part of any maintenance regime and they're also relatively inexpensive. If you do these things regularly, you can help maximize your vehicle's life.

Important filters include:

Automatic transmission fluid filter Cabin Air filters Engine Air filter Fuel filter Oil filter PCV/Breathers

All auto manufacturers recommend that you service your vehicle more frequently if you drive in "severe" conditions. Most drivers are surprised at what counts for severe driving. In fact, for most drivers, "normal" driving habits are actually "severe"! Protect your car with proper maintenance to counteract the effects of severe driving.


"Severe" driving conditions include one or more of the following:

Extensive engine idling Driving in stop and go traffic Driving in dusty or muddy conditions Driving in extreme hot or cold temperatures Driving in mountainous / hilly terrains Towing and/or hauling heavy loads Frequent cold start-ups and shut downs Driving at prolonged higher engine speeds

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Recommended Service Intervals

Every 3,000 Miles

Change Engine Oil Install manufacturer recommended Oil Filter Lubricate Chassis Perform Multipoint Inspection

Every 6,000 Miles

Rotate Tires and Inspect Brakes Replace Air Filter (at 12,000 miles) Change Engine Oil Install manufacturer recommended Oil Filter Lubricate Chassis Perform Multipoint Inspection

Every 15,000 Miles

Perform BG Total Fuel System Service Replace Fuel Filter Inspect Brakes Rotate & Balance Tires Change Engine Oil Install manufacturer recommended Oil Filter Lubricate Chassis Perform Multipoint Inspection

Every 18,000 Miles

Perform BG Battery Service Change Engine Oil Install manufacturer recommended Oil Filter Lubricate Chassis Perform Multipoint Inspection  Rotate Tires and Inspect Brakes

Every 24,000 Miles

Perform BG Power Steering Service Change Engine Oil  Install manufacturer recommended Oil Filter Lubricate Chassis Perform Multipoint Inspection Rotate Tires and Inspect Brakes Replace Air Filter

Every 30,000 Miles

Perform Coolant Service Perform BG Transmission Fluid Exchange Perform BG Total Fuel System Service Change Engine Oil Install manufacturer recommended Oil Filter Lubricate Chassis Replace Fuel Filter Replace Engine Air Filter Perform Multipoint Inspection Rotate & Balance Tires Inspect Brakes

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Reynolds Services


Nitrogen Tire FillReplace all your vehicles tires air supply with high purity nitrogen. Benefits include: virtual elimination of pressure loss from permeation, improved vehicle handling, fuel economy increase of up to 10%, increase life of tire up of to 50%, and reduction in the likelihood of a tire failure of up to 75%.

BG Enviro Engine ServiceUtilizing a safe, powerful cleaner, all varnish and sludge is removed from your engine's oil system. Clean, new oil and BG Oil Fortifier are installed with a new Motorcraft engine oil filter. (Includes BG Lifetime Protection Plan for Qualified Vehicles.)

Vehicle Maintenance InspectionWe check all vital operating fluids, top off if necessary. Inspect belts, hoses and wiper inserts. Check exhaust, suspension and undercarriage for damage. Adjust for proper tire inflation.

Battery Maintenance ServiceWe safely remove accumulated corrosive deposits from the battery terminals. Install anticorrosion collars to prevent future corrosion formation.

Climate Control Service - All hoses and connections are inspected and lead checked. Install BG Frigi Clean to remove bacteria, mold, dirt, nicotine oils and mildew from the system. All duct work is disinfected and the compressor is re-lubricated for efficient operation.

Brake ServiceWe clean all brake parts, inspect system and check for wear, install pad. Rotor or drums are machined, new pads are installed and BG Anti-Squeal Compound is applied.

Fuel Induction Service - We clean performance-robbing deposits from your vehicle's air intake system enhancing idling and low-speed performance.
Fuel Injector Cleaning Service - We clean performance-robbing deposits from your vehicle's fuel delivery system - enhancing fuel mileage and highway performance. Total Fuel System Service - Combines form fuel system cleaning services, offering your great benefits along with $$ value savings.
Cooler System ServiceUsing state-of-the art equipment, a safe and effective cleaner is used to flush contaminated anti-freeze and replace with new, fortified, ph balanced Ford Gold Coolant. System is pressure tested (hoses, radiator cap and all connections).
Power Steering Flush - We use the latest equipment to clean your power steering system of sludge and varnish and then install premium fortified fluid.
Automatic Transmission Flush Service - Using state-of-the are equipment, the transmission's components are cleaned of sludge and varnish and new fortified fluid is installed.
Drive Line Services - All old, spent fluid is removed from the component. Fluid replaced is fully synthetic BG Ultra Guard Gear Lube. Includes up to 3 quarts. We service Rear Differential, Front Differential, Transfer Case, Manual Transmission and Limited Slip
Brake Fluid Flush Service - Using the latest equipment, all old contaminated brake fluid is removed, new fortified DOT premium fluid is installed.
Total Fluid Exchange Special - Cooling System Flush, Transmission Flush, Power Steering Flush and BG Enviro Enginge Service
Deposit Control Oil Service - Change engine oil & filter & lubricate chassis. Complete vehicle maintenance inspection. Install BE MOA Friction Fighter for Oil System. Install BG CF5 Carbon Fighter for Fuel System. (Includes BG Lifetime Protection Plan for Qualified Vehicles.)